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Market Harborough CE Academy

Market HarboroughC of E Academy

MHCE Allotment

The Bowdens Charity include (but not limited to) the following rules in their contract with the school. Please ensure you are familiar with these rules and abide by them. Any families or users of the allotment plot that contravene these rules may not be able to use the allotment space in the future. 

•    Do not cause, permit or suffer any nuisance or annoyance to any other plot holder and conduct yourselves appropriately at all times. Children must be supervised at all times.
•    Keep the plot clean, reasonably free from weeds and noxious plants and keep it free of hazards. 
•    Do not plant any trees or fruit bushes.
•    Do not enter onto any other plot or remove produce from another plot at any time without the permission of the relevant plot holder.
•    Do not obstruct on any path or roadway on the site.
•    Do not use any barbed or razor wire (or similar).
•    Fires are not permitted.
•    Ensure the plot number is always visible.
•    Dogs must be on a lead and held at all times. Dog mess must be cleaned up and removed from the site. You will be responsible for any damage caused by a dog, including repair costs.

Please note: The Bowdens Charity and Market Harborough C of E Academy do not accept liability for injury, death or damage caused or sustained while on the Allotment Site.  

By booking your time slot at the allotment site, it is considered that you and your party agree to follow these key rules. General good conduct and a safety-conscious attitude is always expected by all visitors. 

To book, please click the following link: BOOK HERE

Watch the video for directions to the allotment.

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