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Market Harborough CE Academy

Market HarboroughC of E Academy


Here are all of the amazing staff who make Market Harborough C of E Academy such a fantastic place for your children to begin their education.

  • Emma Tayler

    Head Teacher

  • Joanna Tidmarsh

    Deputy Headteacher (Year 1/2 Phase Leader)

  • Sarah Bodycote

    Assistant Headteacher, Classroom Teacher (Year 3 and Year 3/4 Phase Leader)

  • Nicholas Lee

    Assistant Headteacher, Classroom Teacher (Year 6 and Year 5/6 Phase Leader)

  • Erica Biddle


  • Sally Ingram

    Pastoral Support, Cover Supervisor

  • Laura Stuckey

    Classroom Teacher (Year 6)

  • Nick Bradley

    Classroom Teacher (Year 5)

  • Dominic Perry

    Classroom Teacher (Year 5)

  • Rebecca Lantsbery

    Classroom Teacher (Year 4)

  • Amy McGowan

    Classroom Teacher (Year 4)

  • Alex Lumley

    Classroom Teacher (Year 3)

  • Caroline Lawson

    Teacher (Year 2)

  • Nicola Marchesi

    Classroom Teacher (Year 2)

  • Jess Hockaday

    Classroom Teacher (Year 2)

  • Victoria Hilliar

    Classroom Teacher (Year 1)

  • Danielle Southin

    Classroom Teacher (Year 1)

  • Katie Flatley

    Classroom Teacher (Year 1)

  • Louisa Silvester

    Classroom Teacher (EYFS and EYFS Phase Leader)

  • Jessica Roantree

    Classroom Teacher (EYFS)

  • Emily Harris

    Classroom Teacher (EYFS)

  • Lesley Lainchbury

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 6)

  • Sara Scott

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 4)

  • Paula Adams

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 3), Cover Supervisor

  • Sarah Collins

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 1)

  • Cheryl Wainwright

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 2), Cover Supervisor

  • Penelope Barber

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 5), Breakfast Club Assistant

  • Kirsty Cooke

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 4), After School Club Assistant

  • Nicola Murphy

    Cover Supervisor, Midday Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant

  • Catherine May

    Cover Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant (EYFS)

  • Louise McAllister

    Cover Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant (EYFS), After School Club Assistant

  • Jamie Holton

    Midday Manager, Breakfast Club Assistant

  • Adrian Richmond

    Midday Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant (Key Stage 2)

  • Hayley Ritchie

    Midday Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant (Year 3), Breakfast Club Assistant

  • Maria Albornoz-Hernandez

    Midday Supervisor

  • Asma Akmal

    Midday Supervisor

  • Simona Rodriguez

    Midday Supervisor

  • Rebecca Woolnough

    Learning Support Assistant (EYFS & Year 2)

  • John Harrison

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 2)

  • Nataliia Piavka

    Learning Support Assistant (Year 1)

  • Simi Bali

    Other Pupil Support (Year 2), After School Club Assistant

  • Leigh Parkin

    Office Manager

  • Tracey McManus


  • Vanessa Lingley

    Business Manager

  • Jo Douglas

    Catering Manager, Breakfast Club Manager, After School Deputy

  • Mary Munton

    Assistant Cook, Cleaner


  • Attie Wordley

    Catering Assistant, Cleaner

  • Gina Badoi

    Catering Assistant

  • Karen Tidmarsh


  • Joanna Malone


  • Gary Tidmarsh

    Premises Officer