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Market Harborough CE Academy

Market HarboroughC of E Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school dinner for today?

Please look on the school website or Facebook page for the menu.  Meals must be booked in advance on Parentpay.


What is the cost of a school dinner and how do I book it?

The cost is £2.40 a day, from 30th August 2022. School dinners are free for EYFS, Year 1 and 2.  Meals must be booked and paid for in advance via Parentpay.  Meals must be booked even if your child is entitled to a free meal.  Please speak to the office if you need help with this.


How do I book breakfast / after school clubs?

Please download and install the school gateway app from SchoolComms. You can book your chosen club from here. Please note, all bookings for breakfast club need to be made before midnight the day prior to the booking. Bookings for all after school clubs must be made by 10am on the day of the club.

I have a question or need to change / cancel a club booking, what do I do?
Please email


Where do I drop off my child for breakfast club?

Drop off for breakfast club is in the hall through the main entrance to the school.
If your child needs to eat breakfast, they must be in the club by 8am.


Where do I pick my child up from for after school clubs?

Please collect your child from the hall. If the door is locked, please ring the doorbell.


My child has lost their jumper, where will it be put if found?

Foundation Stage lost property is in their cloakroom. KS1 lost property is at the entrance to their main door. KS2 lost property is in the main reception. Please ensure all children’s clothing is named.


My child has come home with someone else’s clothing, what do I do with it?

Please send it back into school the following day.


My child is ill, who do I contact?

Please call the office on 01858 464 112 and press 1 to report an absence. If it is a tummy bug and your child is going to be off for two days, please ring both mornings. If the illness is going to last longer than two days (chicken pox for example) please speak to a member of the office team and call on the Monday of each week your child is off to keep school up to date.


My child is well enough for school but needs to take medication, how do I see that this is taken?

Please complete a medicine form which you can print from our website or pop into the office and pick one up. Hand the medicine (labelled with your child’s name, class and dosage) and completed form into the office.


Who do I tell if I need to take my child out of school for an unavoidable appointment (hospital etc) and then bring them back into school?

Please tell the adult on the door at drop off so the teacher is aware. Also ring the school office on 01858 464112 to let them know. Please collect and drop off your child from the main entrance.


I need to take my child out of school for a day or longer, who do I tell?

Please complete a holiday form which you can print from our website or pop into the office and pick one up. Hand the completed form into the office.


I have changed my contact telephone number, who do I tell?

Please let the office staff know as soon as you change any personal details, for example phone number, new address.  You can also change these details yourself on the Arbor App.


Where do I drop my child off / pick up for cinema club / disco?

Please take your child to the main entrance for drop off. Pick up is from the Year 6 door in the main playground.


Will the back gate be open for an event after school?

The back gate is open from 8.30am till 6pm. For cinema club and the disco, the back gate will be open until the event is finished.


I would like to do some reading with children, who do I ask to do this?

Please pop into the office for a quick chat, we love to have volunteers.