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Market Harborough CE Academy

Market HarboroughC of E Academy



In our school, the curriculum is delivered through a thematic approach.  Each year our children are taught six THEMES, each one lasting for six weeks. THEMES will have either a Scientific, Historical or Geographical focus and the children build their subject knowledge in these areas as well as developing their skills to present their work.  Our children get excited as they PUBLISH, SHARE, EXHIBIT or involve the COMMUNITY at the end of each THEME when they ‘Showcase’ their work.



In our school, History is taught to promote interest and enquiry about events in the past.  Each Theme is designed to meet the aims of the National Curriculum whilst building historical enquiry, a wealth of knowledge, and an empathy for people in History. Key information that is taught is deliberately selected and our children are provided with a Knowledge Organiser to support their learning. Throughout our History curriculum, we weave key concepts such as civilisation, culture, monarchy, rebellion and society as the children learn about different periods of time. They explore how these have shaped our lives today as they study areas of My History, Local History, British History and World History. A carefully sequenced plan means that our children ‘time-travel’ as they progress through our school. Lessons are taught to encourage the children to think historically, explore a range of artefacts, and visit significant places of interest whilst stimulating writing that reflects what they have found out about the past.



In our school, Geography is taught to foster intrigue and analysis about the world we live in.  Each Theme is designed to meet the aims of the National Curriculum, whilst providing our children with exciting opportunities to enquire, investigate and explore the key geographical concepts of place, space, environment, inter-connection, sustainability, scale and change. Our children begin their journey in the United Kingdom, exploring our local area before venturing to significant places around the world. At the heart of this, our children will discover how the Earth’s landscapes have, and continue to change over time. We feel that it is important for us to empower our children, not only with the knowledge, of how human choices can impact our planet, but by equipping them with the tools to change, and live in a more sustainable way. Lessons are taught so that our children will gain an understanding of different areas, climates and eco-systems across the world. They will learn how to identify and explain human and physical geographical features in a variety of ways, including map work, the use of virtual technology and outdoor learning.



The Religious Education Curriculum in our school combines the National SACRE Agreed Syllabus and the Leicestershire Agreed syllabus that promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our children. They will receive weekly lessons, which run alongside Daily Assemblies, Educational Visits and Themed Days. As a Church of England School, there are strong links with our local church - St Dionysius, which is often used to enhance learning in our school. Our Religious Education curriculum explores Christianity in conjunction with learning about other cultures and religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. We want to prepare our children for life in modern Britain; we actively promote tolerance and respect within our wider community. As our children learn about a range of religious and non-religious world views, explore a variety of important questions and issues we will help them to consider their own thoughts and ideas about the world they are growing into.