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Market Harborough CE Academy

Market HarboroughC of E Academy



Our school follows a mastery approach for the teaching and learning of mathematics. We believe that pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content. Those who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material should consolidate their understanding, including through additional practice, before moving on.

Our school uses the White Rose Scheme alongside Nrich, Maths Hub, ISee Maths and NCETM materials to support the mastery approach.

Our teaching for mastery is underpinned by the National Centre for the Excellence in Teaching Maths (NCETM) 5 Big Ideas:

1. Mathematical Thinking

2. Representation and Structure

3. Coherence

4. Variation

5. Fluency

In our school, everyone can learn mathematics to reach the highest levels:

  • If you ‘can’t do it’, you ‘can’t do it yet’.
  • Mistakes are valuable.
  • Questions are really important.
  • Mathematics is about creativity and problem solving.
  • Mathematics is about making connections and communicating what we think.



In our school, the curriculum is delivered through a thematic approach. Each year our children are taught six THEMES, each one lasting for six weeks. THEMES will either have a Scientific, Historical or Geographical  focus and the children build their subject knowledge in these areas as well as developing their skills to present their work.  Our children get excited as they PUBLISH, SHARE, EXHIBIT or involve the COMMUNITY at the end of each THEME when they ‘Showcase’ their work.



In our school, Science is taught to promote curiosity and understanding.  Each sequence of Science is carefully planned by our teachers to build on the children’s previous knowledge as they progress through our school. Key information that is taught is deliberately selected and our children are provided with a Knowledge Organiser to support their learning.  Each Theme is designed to meet the aims of the National Curriculum whilst building scientific minds, a wealth of knowledge and a thirst for finding out more. As soon as children come to our school, they are encouraged to explore the world around them by looking at similarities, differences, patterns and change. Lessons are taught to encourage the children to think scientifically, use a range of equipment, and conduct practical experiments whilst inspiring our children to present what they have found out in a range of different styles.



Throughout the year we have timetabled CREATIVE WEEKS – these are dedicated weeks that focus on Art, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages and Outdoor Education. They are designed to teach skills and knowledge that the children can then use throughout the year across other areas of the curriculum.



In our school, Design and Technology skills are taught through a variety of creative and practical activities needed to engage in the process of designing, making and evaluating. Our children work on projects where they will need to design purposeful, functional and appealing products for themselves and other users based on design criteria. They will learn how to generate and communicate their ideas through talking, drawing, and model-making whilst knowing how to use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks. In lessons, our children will explore and evaluate a range of existing products, as well as evaluating their own ideas and products against a design brief.

As part of their work with food, our pupils will be taught how to cook and learn about nutrition and healthy eating. The children will have the opportunity to work alongside our School Cook who will share her love of cooking; we believe that learning how to cook is a crucial life skill.



We aim to deliver a Computing Curriculum that inspires our children to be competent users of Technology.  With our dedicated Computer Suite and Specialist Computing Teacher we deliver a strong base for a deep understanding of this key element of primary education. With the increased focus and reliance in our daily lives on Technology, we aim to equip our children with transferrable skills that will allow them to work with, and adapt to, Technological advances of the future.  A focus on e-safety will aim to ensure that children are aware of the hazards of the online environment. Our pupils will be exposed to a range of hardware/software to ensure they become skilled users who can choose the right tools for the job.  We want our children to become creative users of Technology- seeing it as a key tool for communicating their ideas effectively and for solving practical problems that they may face in the real world.