Norfolk Lakes 17 – Tuesday

We had a great first night and the children all managed to get some sleep. After a hearty breakfast the children headed to stores to get kitted out for a day on the lakes. 

They then took part in several activities including sailing, raft building and stand up paddle boarding. Thank you to all of you grown ups for making sure the children had the correct gear, they all stayed warm despite getting wet!


Before this evening’s activities the children helped Matt to celebrate his 11th birthday and joined him in eating two large chocolate cakes….despite the fact they have had three large meals today most of them managed to find some room for cake!

The children have impressed us with their manners, their ability to help each other and some real teamwork is developing in the year group.

It is now time for a hot chocolate before a much needed night’s sleep ready for a fun filled day again tomorrow. Let’s hope it confines to stay dry and warm as it has been for the main part of today.


See you tomorrow.