Norfolk Lakes 17 – Monday

We arrived safely after a lovely lunch stop at Sandringham (see photo)

The children were excited when we arrived in good time at Norfolk Lakes to unload the packed coach and find their dormitories. They then had a fire drill before going into their activity groups for a tour of the site. We saw lots of lovely enthusiasm as they headed towards their first activity which were one of : rifles, archery, caving, blind trail or obstacle course.

They then went to the dining hall for our evening meal and the comments from the children included, “look at the views from here” and “this is like a posh restaurant!”

After 49 empty plates were stacked they returned to their dorms to unpack, oh, and to have a run around on the field, playing hide and seek with torches! The giggles and laughter can be probably be heard in Market Harborough. We are now going for the second activity of the day which is Wide Games (lots of team work needed) before having hot chocolate before bedtime. I think we will have some tired children tonight so here’s to a great first night!

See you tomorrow for the next update x