Children’s Voice

At Market Harborough C of E Academy, our children help to shape and promote the values that lie at the heart of our school community, and we want to make sure that their voice is heard.

School Council

We have an active School Council with representatives from Year 1 to Year 6, elected by their class mates, who meet regularly to discuss issues affecting the whole school and to work on specific projects such as the school’s Peace Garden.

Collective Worship Group

We have a Collective Worship Group that leads the school in assembly each day, greeting the children, lighting the candle and leading prayers at the end of our Act of Worship. The group helps to evaluate assemblies and feeds back to the Collective Worship Co-ordinator about the effectiveness and impact of our daily Act of Worship. They represent the school in Diocesan projects and events, and have opportunities to attend Diocese-wide services such as the annual Advent Service.

Fairtrade Steering Group

Our Fairtrade Steering Group includes staff, children, parents and Governors, and ensures that issues of fairness and justice are kept high on the school agenda. Over the year they organise a variety of events and competitions, deliver assemblies on the importance of fair trade, and run a Fairtrade stall at our partner church, St Dionysius, as well as at the PTA twice-yearly fairs.

Green Team

We are very proud of our Woodland Trust and Green Flag awards, and have a small but dedicated Green Team who always have a project on the go to raise awareness about environmental issues across the school. Their latest project is the development of a Discovery Shed where children will be able to go to explore all sorts of natural objects, using microscopes and magnifying glasses.

Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors fly the flag for the benefits of physical activity, leading assemblies to encourage other children to get active, and running their own lunchtime club (with adult support). They also represent us at the annual Sports conference held for the family of schools.


We have an annual programme of fundraising events: some of these are national and happen every year, others are smaller, local charities chosen by the staff or children. But we also have a system for children to organise their own charity events, which grew out of the children wanting to support specific charities with which they felt a connection, either because of a personal interest e.g. the RSPCA, or because of personal experience e.g. the children who raised money for Cystic Fibrosis because a classmate’s sister suffered from the condition. The children’s efforts in all of these activities are shared with the whole school community through assemblies and the fortnightly Head’s Newsletter.

Celebration Assembly

In the weekly Celebration Assembly, children have the opportunity to share not only their successes in school but also their achievements outside school, whether sporting, artistic, musical, or just something that’s out of the ordinary e.g. the publication of a letter in the Parish Magazine.


We seek children’s views on all sorts of issues to help us to develop or refine school policy, or to make key decisions, for example:
– Our Behaviour Policy is based on the results of consultation with the children about what stops them from learning and how it could be addressed fairly and consistently
– Our marking system is based on what children said supported their learning and helped them to improve
– Our school’s new name when we converted to an academy was decided by the overwhelming vote by children
– Our children helped to shape and articulate the school’s new Vision Statement and Values

Whatever children’s views, interests, achievements, or concerns, we want to hear their voice.