Read Write Inc. is a programme aimed at helping children learn to read quickly and easily. We introduce the children to the basic sounds in the English language, using picture hooks which also support them with letter formation. Children then read story books that are carefully matched to the spellings and sounds that they have been taught. As they grow in confidence, children are then taught alternative ways of reading the same sounds and read books that contain them. We encourage children to use their knowledge of sounds when reading, rather than relying on picture clues, ultimately giving them the tools they need to read independently.
We assess the children every six weeks and group them with others who are working on the same set of sounds. Together they practise reading story books until they are able to read them fluently.
Parents can support their child at home by sharing reading opportunities and looking at a range of books together. Further tips and support tools for parents can be found at There is also a Facebook page which gives tips and ideas for reading with your child.