Learn-AT’s mission is to establish a professional learning community in which adults thrive and children flourish.

Our vision is of a trust which remains true to its founding core purpose – learning, and its founding core value, fellowship. We are working together to build a hospitable and inclusive organisation, in which Church of England and Community academies work together in the service of local children and families. One for all and all for one.

We are building a collaborative, trust-wide culture underpinned by a shared commitment to:

• wisdom
• professional openness to deep learning and research engagement
• generosity of spirit
• hard work
• integrity and kindness.

Learning is Learn-AT’s core  purpose – it is the main thing. We work hard to keep the main thing, the main thing and do the right thing, the right way.


Through collaboration and by nurturing leaders at all levels of the organisation, we develop professional expertise, leadership and talent from within the trust, contributing to robust systems of career development, school improvement, school-to-school support and peer review.

Our thriving and innovative professional learning community uses Research Lesson Study, coaching, joint professional development events, specialist networks, teacher research groups, external partnerships and membership of professional organisations to secure inspirational learning for every child.

Finance and Operations

We are working together to establish coherent and efficient trust-wide systems that help our staff to concentrate on the main thing, providing an excellent education for all of our pupils.

Links to Learn-AT’s documents and policies can be found by clicking HERE